Chris's Chronicles

Book 2: Part 1


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Miracles and Heartbreaks...

1792: What is now Arizona

Jordan and Will had been married almost 50 years, and had spent that time in such a happy bliss, that nothing could destroy their happiness. They were like 2 young newlyweds without a care in the world. They had spent the time traveling across the world, and decided to settle in the western part of the New World. It was the closest thing Will had to remind him of home without being there. Though he had also built a small house for them in Mexico as close to where he grew up as he could without it actually being on the land.

Jordan and Will also wanted to have children more than anything. They knew it was impossible, but they had still gone to every medicine man, cacique, and conjurer they could find in hopes that maybe there was some way. When all else had failed, and they had given up hope, a miracle had happened.

Unbelievably Will had never made it through Wales in his life, and Jordan was happy to return to her place of origin to show her husband where she grew up. Knowing it would help her continued healing, she showed him where Alexander had died and where Mars had beat and raped her. While they were there, they had found three orphans, two boys and a girl. They took them in, and now two years later, the children had come to love Jordan and Will as their own parents.

"Mamma!" Kathleen, the youngest of the three children. She had just turned ten, and was very short and awkward for her age. "Charles is chasing me with the sword again!"

Jordan looked out the window of the ranch Will had built for them, and sighed. She put down the dish she was washing and walked out the door. "Charles Michael leave your sister alone and put that sword up. You know your not allowed to play with it."

"Yes mamma." He said as he walked over and handed Jordan her sword. She playfully whacked him on the rear with the hilt.

"You guys go clean up and prepare for supper. Your father will be home soon." She said. The children nodded and came inside. Moments later, Jordan felt Will's buzz and smiled. She saw him ride into the barn and she went out to greet him.

"Welcome home." She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

"I am glad to be home. How was your day?" he said as he let his horse loose into a stall and put his arm around her waist and they walked towards the house.

"I am concerned about Kathleen. The boys are always picking on her, and she can not defend herself."

"That is natural, she is at an awkward age. Give her time, she will learn to stand up for herself."

Jordan stopped walking and looked at him. "Will, she is not one of us, none of them are. She does not have the instincts we do when it comes to fighting. Maybe we should tell them."

"Why? I see know reason why they need to know."

"What are we going to tell them twenty years from now, that we look the same age as we do now, and they look older than us. Alan is already at the age of 16, and he should be thinking of marriage. I have seen the way he looks at Sarah Ann."

"Fine, we can teach her to fight, but I still see no need for them to know what we are unless they ask it of us. Besides, I think I have found the one we should give the sword to." He said as he smiled. The third sword that Will had made when they were married hung over the fireplace. They had decided to wait to give it to the children until they felt the time was right.

Jordan saw the look in his eye and smiled. "You are thinking of Kathleen are you not?"

"It would be a good way to teach her how to fight. The boys already know how, but I guess if her mamma is such a good fighter, then her mamma can teach her."

"Are you saying I am better than you?" she said as she cocked and eyebrow and gave him a wicked but innocent grin.

"I would never admit such a thing." He said as he kissed her. They walked back into the farmhouse in time to see Charles tying Kathleen to a chair and Alan holding the extra sword at her neck. Jordan looked at Will with the *I told you so* look.

"Enough!" Will said. "Boys, go to your rooms and stay there until I say otherwise."

"But dad..." Alan protested.

"Now!" Jordan said as she untied Kathleen who was crying and kicking. The boys did as they were told and Kathleen, once untied, started to run after them. "Kathleen, come here."

"But mamma." She stopped and watched the boys head to their rooms. She turned around and walked back towards the kitchen. "Why do they pick on me? Just because I am smaller than they are doesn't give them the right to do mean things to me."

"Let us go outside and talk. Your dad will take care of things with the boys."

The two women walked outside, and sat down on the porch. Jordan put her arm around daughter and smiled. "Are you going to be ok?"

Kathleen nodded. "I usually am. I want to learn to fight. Please mamma. I know women aren't suppose to fight, but sometimes the boys scare me."

"Your father and I were discussing that and we decided it is a good idea. I will start training you tomorrow."


"You would be surprised at what I know and at what I can do. I want to tell you something, but you have to promise..." she stopped as she felt an unfamiliar buzz. Jordan stood up and looked away. She could see a man on a horse riding up towards the east side of the farm. "Go inside and tell your father to come out here." She said. Right as Kathleen entered the house, Will came out.

"Have you seen him?" he asked.

"The east side. Here he comes."

Will drew his sword and walked towards the fence. Jordan stayed on the porch and watched as her husband talked to the man and then hugged him. She walked towards them as they started laughing.

"And this must be the beautiful Jordan." The man said as he kissed her hand. "You are even lovelier than Will spoke about."

Jordan eyed Will cautiously. This tall skinny man, had brownish hair, and an accent similar to her own, only more drawn out.

"Jordan, this is the man who I owe my life to. This is the man that told me what I was and trained me. Jordan, meet Methos."

"But you may call me Greg, as that is what I am going by these days."

"I am glad to finally meet you, Will has spoken of you often."

"I forgot to tell you I met Greg in town and invited him to dinner. I hope you don't mind."

Jordan shook her head. "Not at all. And since the boys will not be eating there will be more than enough. Come, I am sure by now supper is cold." She said as the three Immortals walked towards the farmhouse.

The next day

"She is really good." Greg said to Will as he watched Jordan try to teach Kathleen how to fight.

Will sighed. "Sometimes I think about the Final Gathering, if it came down between the two of us, who would win. I don't think I could fight her."

"You would have to. I know it's hard to imagine, but that is the way we live our lives and a risk we have to take."

Will nodded. "So, you never told me what brought you here. There must have been a reason."

"Actually there is. I was traveling through Mexico and I come bearing news."

"They ruins have been discovered, I know."

"Only parts of it have surfaced. Not really much. But they have found a journal by a priest that was there. He mentioned the place of where you died."

Will nodded again. "We were there when it was found and news spread."

Jordan stopped teaching and Kathleen went into the house. She walked over to the porch where the men were sitting. "She is a quick learner. I do not think the boys will be tormenting her anytime soon." She said as she sat down next to Will and took his hand.

"She has a good teacher." Methos said. "Rebecca taught you well."

"Will has also been an excellent teacher. So what were you two men talking about? Me I presume."

"My homeland. It is close to being discovered."

Jordan saw the pain in Will's eyes. As much as he would have loved to see the full beauty of it again, parts of him wished it would remain untouched and sacred.

"I remember the day the temple was built by..." He said as he starred off into space.


*Uxmal, around 590 AD

"The Alux has challenged the governor to a challenge of strength!" Will's father said as he entered the family hut. "Can anyone imagine that little dwarf full grown into a man in less than a year beating the governor. No one has been able to beat him."

Will had just turned 22, and laughed. "I am the strongest among our people and I have yet challenged the governor. When will the challenge take place."

"During the lunar eclipse in a 2 moon phase."

Two Weeks Later
"He did it! In one night, that Alux built a great temple!" Will's father said as he walked into the hut early one morning.

Will and his mother walked outside the hut and stood in awe as they stared at a huge pyramid with steep slopes. "Impossible!" his mother said. "Only a God could do that."

"That is what the Governor has said and so now there will be a fight to the death. The winner will become the new governor."


"What happened?" Methos asked.

"The dwarf won and became the ruler of the land. I wondered for a time if he was one of us, after I learned what I was, but it's unlikely. Though I was always given special treatment by him."

"You want to go home do you not?" Jordan asked. She could hear the quiver in his voice that he often had when he talked about what it was like.

"This is my home now, and I am happy. In time I will return, but until then, this is where I belong." He said as he stood up and walked into the house.

Jordan sighed and looked at Methos. "I wish there was something more I could do for him."

"You're doing all you can for him. He's dealing with the fact that everything he once knew is about to change. Once they start excavating the ruins, you know it'll never be the same."

"I know, but I wish he did not have to go through so much pain." The words he said on their honeymoon echoed through her mind. *But you're safe with me, and as long as you will have me, I will never let anything happen to you again.* She knew he meant it and she felt the same way towards him. He had taught her to live and love and had always been there when she needed him. But lately, he seemed so heart broken she felt she couldn't reach him.

"Maybe things will blow over in a while. After all, it could be anything they found. I doubt it was the pyramid." Methos said.

"I'm sure your right." She said some what distracted.

Methos knew she needed to get her mind of things. "Does he still have his penis pierced? I thought he was crazy when I first saw that thing." Jordan cracked a wide grin and nodded. She was trying not to laugh.

**"You and me both. I had never seen such a thing done to a person. Not there."

"I thought that would bring a smile to your face. You need to get your mind of things. How about fighting with me, just to see how good you really are?" he said as he gave her a cocky grin.

"Sure, why not." She said as they stood up and walked out into the fields.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: *The legend has it, that the pyramid was built by a dwarf in one night after challenging the governor. If it was not done in that night, the dwarf would be put to death. The dwarf hatched from an egg and grew to full maturity in one year, and was supposedly as strong as Hercules. At least that's the legend. I took a few tiny liberties on things such as the pyramid being built during an eclipse (but with all the weird things that happen during eclipses, it's possible). I know according to the Mayan Calendar, it was very possible. Also I took liberties in making a reference that the dwarf may be an Immortal. Who knows, he was a foundling and found by an old woman whose house still stands on the site.

The first ruin of Uxmal to be discovered was part of the ball court, where challenges such as the one the dwarf had with the governor. Today, it is still used in traditional celebrations.

Uxmal literally means Thrice Built. Many of the sites were constructed over on top of each other, such as the Pyramid. It has 5 different temples, one for each phase (the only site to have been built more than three times), and only 2 are visible.

** Don't think I'm trying to be kinky, but this was actually done. Scars and piercings were a sign of beauty and the warriors of the tribe had both their tongue and penis pierced. This served three purposes, and yes that is one of them. The others was a sign of beauty and a way to please the gods. Women had their teeth sharpened to keep the men in line :-). And before you come for my head, Methos asking this does NOT mean there was a homosexual relationship between the two. Many Mayans were very open about their sexuality and depending on how religious they were, some wore little if any clothing

Translations: (all Mayan)
Alux- gremlin, leprechaun, or dwarf
Cacique- Indian chief or warlord.
Uxmal- Thrice Built.

Part 2


1830: Uxmal

"It's beautiful." Kathleen said as she held her daughter's hand. Kathleen was now in her late 40's, and for the first time, Kathleen, Alan, and Charles had gathered with their own families to travel to their father's homeland.

Jordan nodded and watched Will as he sat under their tree with his eyes closed. More of the ruins had been discovered, and Will had to return to see what was left. Part of him felt buried underneath the rubble and was scared to have it revealed. He had left that life behind 1200 years ago and the pain of it resurfacing was to much for him to bare.

"So this is where dad grew up? It doesn't look like much." Charles said.

"It looks like a lot more to your father." Jordan spoke for the first time since Will had left her side. The children now knew about Immortality, thanks to Alan witnessing his father receiving a Quickening. Jordan and Will had explained everything to them, and they seemed to have understood, especially Kathleen who had become quite the expert in sword fighting among the three.

Jordan let go of Alan's grandson and walked towards Will. She sat down next to him and he didn't say anything. "Will?" she asked taking his hand.

He pulled his hand away and held a finger to his mouth telling her to be quiet. Ever since Methos had told him of the news so many years ago, Will seemed to have closed himself out to the world leaving everything but Jordan and the children alone. After a few minutes, Will opened his eyes. "I'm sorry." He said.

"It is all right, I understand." She said. "Are you ok?"

Will shook his head. "I don't know if I'm ready to deal with all the pain this is going to bring back. I was praying to the Gods for guidance and strength."

"Have faith Will. Things will turn out fine."

"You don't seem to care that the place we met, fell in love, and got married is about to be destroyed. Things will never be the same."

"It does not matter to me, that is in the past. The only thing that I care about is here. Now. Being with you now."

Will stood up and walked away. He walked towards the House of the Governor and went into an open door. Kathleen started to go after her father, but Jordan shook her head letting her know he needed to be alone.

"Mamma?" she said as Jordan walked back towards her family. "Is he going to be all right?"

"In time. Go on back to the house, your father and I will meet you there later." The children agreed and Jordan watched them leave. When they were out of sight, she walked to where Will had entered and stood at the doorway. "Will? Can I come in?" There was no answer so she walked in trying to avoid the rubble and stone blocking most of the path. She had gotten lost and was about to panic when she felt Will's buzz.

"Stay where you are, I will find you." He said. Moments later, he turned a corner and found Jordan leaning against on of the walls. "Why did you come in here?"

"Will, do not shut me out, please. I want to be with you, you need me right now."

Will nodded and reached for her hand. He led her around the inside and then back out to the stone turtles on top of where they had been. "I'm scared." He said as he sat down on one of the turtle's backs. "I feel like everything I know, is changing and I can't do a thing about it."

Jordan sat next to her husband and took his hand. This time he didn't pull back. "There is nothing you can do, but let nature take its course. Do you remember what you said to me when I asked you why you did not dig it up yourself?" Will shook his head. "You told me when the Gods see fit, it will happen. At least the pyramid has not yet been discovered, maybe it will not be."

"Nothing is the same anymore. Everything about this place has changed, and not even a tenth of it has been found. It all looks different."

"Did you think it would be the same after being buried for all these centuries? It's a wonder anything is intact."

Will cracked a smile, "We built things well then. I'm so sorry for all the pain I have put you through."

"I am sorry I was not able to help you. I know this is hard for you, and I wanted to be there for you."

Will hugged his wife and smiled. "Come. I want you to meet someone." He said as he took her hand and led her back down several flights into the ruin. When they stopped, Jordan could see nothing but broken stone slabs covering the walls except for the way they came. "Help me move these." He said as he started to pull them away. When the last slab had been removed, Will opened a door and they entered a tomb.

"Where are we?"

"This is my family's tomb." He said as he walked to one the of sarcophagus.

Jordan stood in the doorway in awe. There were tables with rows and rows of items, many made of jade. Will motioned for her to enter and she did slowly. She felt like she was intruding on the gods. "Is it all right to be here?" she said as she walked to him.

He nodded. He took her hand and walked to the corner of the tomb and looked down. He closed his eyes momentarily and when he opened them again, he looked like a new person. "It is more than all right, my family is pleased with you. This is where my mother is laid. She was a very beautiful woman, almost as beautiful as you." He said as he kissed her on the forehead.

Jordan ran her finger over the patterns on the box. They were Mayan charactachures with the words that were to be emphasized in Jade. "What does all of this mean?"

"The fish, is the sign for plentiful harvest. My mother was one of the best female hunters of our tribe. Here on my father's, is Tezcatlipoca. It is the God of war. My father was the governor's war chief. I was to take his place..." he stopped.

Jordan placed her arm around his waist. "Maybe we should leave." She said as a tear rolled down his cheek as he remembered things.

"Not until I find what I'm looking for. My mother would want you to have it." He said as he searched the tables. "Here it is!" he said as he found it inside a gold box. "When I first walked in here I was praying for my family's guidance and support. I was given it, and I feel like I was reborn." He paused again. "I know my mother would want you to have this." He said as he handed her a gold and jade statue. "It is a mother carrying an infant, one that was not her own."

Jordan took the statue and cried. "It is lovely."

Will sighed as he saw his wife happy. "Can you ever forgive me for the things I have done to you? I have let you down and had my family disgraced until now."

"You never let me down Will. We all go through hard times. I felt like I had brought disgrace to you for not being able to help you through what ever pain you were suffering. I now know it was because you thought that you had brought disgrace to your family's honor. You could never disgrace anyone." She said as she kissed him. "Especially me."

"I love you. I know my family is watching me from whichever worlds they have ascended to, and that they are pleased with you. Come. We will celebrate this rebirth of my life with family. We will hold a celebration like no other." He said as he picked her up and carried her out of the building.

<Part 3

A Century of Love...

1846 Uxmal

"A hundred years!" Methos said as he smiled at his student and his wife. "Amazing."

Jordan, Will, and Methos had gathered at the house in Mexico to celebrate Jordan and Will's 100th wedding anniversary. They had wanted Duncan, Amanda, and Rebecca there as well, but they were all off traveling and were hard to get in touch with.

"What's so amazing about it?" Will asked defensively.

"I could barely stand him for ten years." Methos answered with a grin. "I'm surprised after a hundred she hasn't taken your head yet."

"Do not think I have not tried to." Jordan said as she playfully hit Will on the arm. "There have been many times where I wanted to for being such a pain.

"Why haven't you?" Will asked amazed.

"Because I would have your power and then I would be the pain. Besides, I could never find another person that would love me after *killing* him for not feeding the horses."

"From what I heard, you did more than *kill* him." Methos said.

A wide grin spread across Jordan's face. "I was sick of that ring anyway. Besides, as soon as he healed he got it repierced anyway."

"I'm sorry, but that's been a part of me for a long time. And I was mad at you for weeks afterwards."

"Yes, but did you have to wear the chain that connected it to your tongue all the time? That was what made it unbearable."

Methos laughed. "Ok you two, enough fighting. This is suppose to be a celebration. Though it is cute the way you two fight."

Jordan and Will shot a glance at Methos and smiled. In the century they had been married, they had been through so much pain, joy, and sorrow, and through it all, they loved each other just as much if not more than the day the got married.

Later that afternoon, they privately returned to the spot where they were married and renewed their vows. By now, the top of the pyramid was visible, and for the first time, Jordan was able to see and feel the magic of the place.

The next morning as they laid in each others arms watching the sunrise, Jordan sighed. "What is it my precious one?" Will asked propping himself on one elbow.

"I was wondering what my life would be like had I never met you, or if I had been mortal."

"Don't think of things like that, it doesn't matter." He said looking down at his wife, seeing all the emotions that she was going through thinking of such things, burn deep in her eyes.

"Have you ever wondered about things such as that?"

"I think we all do at one point. I know many years ago I would have given my head to have been mortal and not having to go through the pain of watching this place change."


"Now? As long as you are with me, I would never give up my head unless it was to protect you." He answered honestly as he kissed her. "And then it would be a hell of a fight."

They made love until the afternoon and then returned to their house to continue their celebration of love. The next day, they were sore from the constant love making that mortals would not have been able to walk out of unharmed. Jordan was so happy at this point in her life, she couldn't imagine her life without Will in it. She watched as he walked outside to do his daily prayer ritual and morning exercises, and smiled.

When he had finished, Will looked into the window and saw his wife watching him. She was still as beautiful as the day they first met, and he couldn't imagine what she would look like if she had aged. Her dark auburn hair had been braided the way his mother had often braided hers, and bits and pieces stuck out here and there from where it had been ruffled by their constant love making. In all his years and all of his lovers, he had never met anyone that was as gentle and caring as she, and he couldn't imagine his life without her.

Part 4

The Innocence of Betrayal...

1946 Arizona

It had been over two centuries since Will and Jordan, who Will now called Chrissy, got married. Each year the would continue their constant love making ritual for several days telling each other how much they loved each other. Duncan had run into the couple after his fight with Kalas, and he hardly saw them the whole week. He was happy to see that the shy and scared woman he and Amanda had met so long ago, no longer existed. The two of them were so happy with each other that nothing could break their bond apart.

A week after they celebrated two hundreds years together, Jordan and Will were working on their farm when they got the buzz. Will drew his sword and searched. "Chrissy, get inside."

"Will, I am able to handle myself. In the 200 years we have been married, have I not proven myself to you?"

"Help!" came a voice from the back of the barn. "Someone help me!"

Chris and Will ran to the back of the barn toward the voice. There under an overturned plow laid a boy about fifteen. Chris and Will pulled the plow off him and took him inside. "I am William and this is my wife Jordan Christine. Are you lost?"

"My name is Kenny... My teacher... He lost his head and now the guy who did it is after me. Can you hide me?"

Jordan looked skeptical. This child looked to be about 12 years old, but his power seemed strong. Not only that but he looked remarkably calm after a traumatic experience. "How old are you?" she asked. It was a simple question, but one he paused on.

"13." He replied. "It's been a year since..." he looked down at the ground not wanting to have to look in Jordan's eyes.

Jordan looked at Will as he watched this boy as if he had never seen one in his life. She knew what he was thinking, and she didn't like it. "You are welcome here until you feel safe." Will said comforting the boy. Jordan started to open her mouth to protest but Will looked at her, flashed a smile, and took her hand. "Come my boy, I will help you get settled." He said as they walked into the house, and Will took the boy upstairs.

An hour later, Will returned downstairs to find Jordan playing the piano he had bought her on their one hundred and fiftieth wedding anniversary. "Chrissy, what is it? What is troubling your mind tonight?" he asked as he sat next to her on the piano bench and gave her a light kiss on her neck.

"There is something about the boy that bothers me. He says he has been one of us for a year, but his power seemed so strong. Almost as if he was much older. No way could he have acquired such power in such a short time, especially if he teacher was just killed."

"Let's not think of such things. We have a house guest and we should make him feel welcome. I'm sure you are just worrying over nothing and you have a lot on your mind." He said as he kissed her forehead. "I love you, and I want you to trust me on this. He is just scared and confused , as we all once were. Have patience and give him time."

Patience was something Jordan ran out of quickly where Kenny was concerned. Jordan and Will took turns training the boy, and when Will wasn't around, Kenny fought hard against Jordan. One of those times was about a month later.

"Watch it!" Jordan hollered as Kenny took a swing so hard it could have severed her arm. "Not so hard." Kenny swung again and she blocked it and kicked his legs out from underneath him. She brought her sword up to his neck. She had waited for this for sometime because she knew she was right in her suspicions.

"You wouldn't take my head." He said panting. "Will would never forgive you."

"Do not tempt me. I know what your little game is, and if you have been one of us for only a year, then..." she stopped when she saw the fear in his eyes, and withdrew her sword. "You bastard." She said as she started to walk away.

"I'd rather be a bastard then a victim of a Chingo."

Jordan turned pale and turned around to stare at the boy. "Excuse me?" she said in disbelief. "Where did you hear that?"

"An old teacher of mine. I think you may have known him. John Mars? It was a pity you got to him before I did though. Though he did tell me once you were the best chingara he had ever had. One of these days, I may just have to find out for myself."

"Over my dead body!" she stood there amazed. That comment proved he was at least 300 years old. She turned around and swung her sword hoping to behead him, but he blocked it. They fought some more, only this time it wasn't training, they were after each others heads.

Jordan finally had Kenny on his knees when Will's buzz hit. He walked up to them and stood there amazed. "What are you doing?" he asked shocked to see his wife about to take the head of a student.

"He has been lying to us the entire time!" She said trying to keep her temper under control. She withdrew her sword once again and walked back into the house slamming the door behind her. Will and Kenny just stared at each other in disbelief.

A week later, Jordan went into town to get supplies and came home in time to see the end of a Quickening coming from behind the barn. She ran back there and saw Will's headless body lying on the ground. "Will!!!!" she screamed as she ran after Kenny, but he was quick and got away. She went back to Will's body and held him crying and screaming her revenge. "I will find you one day!" she yelled. "You can run all you want, but one day, your head will be mine if it is the last thing I do!" Jordan kept crying until the next morning, when she decided to bury Will in the one place she knew he would want to be laid to rest.

A few days later, Jordan held a private ceremony at the ruins, and buried her husband by the tree where they had first met. She had his sword made into a grave marker, and placed it at the top of the grave. She sat beside the grave for days crying. Never had she felt so alone, so bare, so betrayed.

A week after Will's death, Jordan was packing up the belongings that were left in their house in Mexico when she got the buzz. She kept packing without giving a thought to her sword that was placed by the door. If someone wanted her head, she was more than willing to give it up. There was a knock at the door, but she ignored it. A moment later, she heard the door open and a familiar voice call out her name. "Jordan?" She turned around and looked at Methos who was standing there with his arms out. She ran to them crying.

Chingo- rapist
Cingara- in our language, to put it nicely, a female that was a good fuck.
The chingar verb in the Mayan culture has many interpretations. Literally it means to rape but the colloquial meanings are equivalent to the way we use the F word.

Part 5

Revenge and Recklessness...

1957: Paris

Eleven years had gone by since Will had been killed, and Jordan spent every waking moment of it searching for Kenny. She had traveled all over the world looking for him, wanting her revenge. Methos had been there for her through it all, for he too felt a great loss. It was always hard for Methos to loose a student, but Will had been special to him. He had become so close to Will and Jordan, and he felt her pain. He knew as soon as it happened and he rushed to her side to help her through it. Now eleven years later, he was gone and she was on her own in Paris.

Jordan had dealt with her pain by planning the revenge. In doing this, she became reckless. It was something she didn't like and knew Will wouldn't have either. She was drinking, sleeping with men she didn't know, and other things that were so unlike her. It was her way to escape the pain and hurt she felt when she woke up alone in the middle of the night, after having a nightmare, and realizing she was alone. She would often wait for the tears to come, but they had stopped many years ago.

"Jordan?" Amanda asked from the doorway of her flat in Paris. Amanda had found Jordan a few days ago at a hostel with an whose name she did not know. She had been at Amanda's ever since silently moping. Now she was staring out the window watching the rain as she had for the past several hours. She was in no mood to talk and she sighed deeply. "Are you ok? You've been staring out that window in that same position for over an hour." Jordan shifted her legs so that they were now under her and leaned her head against the window pain. Amanda crossed to her former student and placed her hand on her shoulder. "Want to talk about it?"

Jordan nodded but remained silent. A few minutes later, Amanda started to leave when she heard Jordan barely whisper "I miss him."

Amanda hugged her student. "I know you do, how couldn't you? You were with him for over two centuries. I'd miss Duncan if anything ever happened o him."

"I should have killed that bastard when I had the chance. I had him on his knees and I fell for that scared kid look. He was no kid! And because of my stupidity, Will is dead and I am alone. And look what I have turned into. Revenge and Recklessness are not my style, but I can not help it. That bastard has turned me into a monster!" Jordan sighed after so much yelling and for the first time in ten years, the tears that had not come, finally came. "I do not know what to do anymore." She said as Amanda held her tightly. "Will would be mad if he saw what I had become. I am mad at me for what I have become."

Amanda knew Jordan was right. Of all the people Amanda knew, Jordan was the least likely of them to be driven mad by the thought of revenge. "What do you want to do?"

"Escape from the Game by any means possible. If I loose my head, all the better. I just need to get my mind off things until I am ready."

Amanda nodded. At times she had felt the same way. "I have an idea. I know someone who may be able to help you."


"Darius. He's here in Paris somewhere."

"No!" Jordan said as more tears fell. "I want to get away from anything that reminds me of Will. Darius..." she grew silent and looked out the window again, drawing herself back into her own little world.

"It's Holy Ground. You can stay there for as long as you need to, and you'll be safe."

"Until that kid is dead, I will never feel safe."

"Think about it. It will give you time to think through all of your emotions and work through them."

Two weeks later, Jordan relented and joined a convent with the help of Darius.

"Brother Darius?" Jordan said as she entered the monastery where Darius was a monk. She had spent the past fifteen years on Holy Ground and the past ten of those as a nun. Now she was ready to leave and face the world again.

"Yes my child?" he said not recognizing Jordan in her habit. "Jordan? Forgive me, I did not recognize you. How are you?" he said giving her a hug.

"I am fine. Much better than the last time we spoke." She said with a smile. Amanda had brought Jordan to Darius what seemed like a lifetime ago.

"That is good to hear. Holy Ground is a refuge we must all seek at one point. Some come for sanctuary from the Game, while others to find an understanding of it."

"And I have found both at Saint Teressa's, but I am ready to leave. My time of mourning is over and I need to deal with my feelings of being in the Game again."

"Are you sure? William's death was quite painful and traumatic for you. Are you sure you are ready for that kind of healing?"

"If I do not leave now, I may not ever. I am not like you in the fact I can only find forgiveness by seeking refuge forever." A flash of pain crossed Darius's face. "Forgive me, Brother Darius, that did not come out the way I meant for it to. I only meant..."

He nodded and smiled. "I know what you meant. I will talk to your Mother Superior about this at once."

"Thank you. I will never forget the kindness you have shown me in my time of need. You have always been special to Will and myself and I will not forget it."

Darius placed his hand upon Jordans, "You and Will were special to me as well. Will is greatly missed by those who knew him, and if there is anything you ever need, do not fear, come to me."

"Thank you Darius." She said as she softly kissed his cheek. "Thank you."

Part 6

Those who Can, Watch...

1975: London

Chris sat in a corner booth at the back of the Watcher's Research Center still in shock. She had run into and old friend, Mike Brady*, in Australia a few months ago and he had told her of a secret organization called the Watchers who watch Immortals. Two weeks later, she had started training.

Now she had gotten her first assignment. It was part of a joint research project where the Watchers were searching for the Oldest Living Immortal, Methos. Her part was to track down through research the last known person to have contact with him- Jordan Christine Renwyck-Vincente.

"Jordan Christine Renwyck-Vincente was presumed to dead along with her husband William Jose Vincente in 1946 by the Immortal Kenny. Last known contact with Methos- 1846 in Mexico." Chris read the file to herself over and over as a tear ran down her face. A part of her did die that day. The part that had passion, love, and courage.

Every detail of her life since her first death was here in these Chronicles. Every head she had taken, every Immortal she had come in contact with, everything she did until 25 years ago. *If they only knew.* she thought to herself as she closed the books and walked to the counter to check them out.

"Jordan Christine Renwyck-Vincente Chronicles." The man behind the counter said. "You must be a Methos researcher." Chris nodded. "Good luck, you're going to need it. He said with a grin.

"Thanks." She said as she walked out the door and headed towards her hotel. There she reread and relived every detail of her life since the day Mars killed her, and she fell asleep crying.

Two years later, Chris was tired of doing research that brought up memories that she had spent so much time trying to forget. She had to find a way to deal with the memories that still haunted her at night, and she had figured out how. She knocked on the door of Devin Lavey who was head of the Watcher's in Western Europe and waited until he responded before entering.

"Yes?" he asked in a curious voice.

"Yes sir, I am Chris Renwyck, and I am working on the Methos research project," she said in a worried voice.

"Yes, how may I help you?" he asked gesturing for her to have a seat.

"I have been researching Jordan Vincente who is believed to have had the last known contact with Methos." She said deliberately leaving out the part of her name that she was using now. "She was presumed beheaded in the 1940's, but I think I may have an idea of her whereabouts- alive."

"And how do you figure this?"

Chris deadpanned. It was an obvious question, yet one she had not prepared herself for. "Cross referencing, sir." She said in a quick response.

"And you would like to see if you can find her?" he said as he turned in his chair to face the window.

"Yes sir, and if possible, to become her Watcher."

"I'll see what I can do." He said.

"Thank you sir." She said as she stood and walked out the door. Two days later she had gotten the ok.

*** 8 Years Later- Wales ***
Chris was sitting quietly in the bushes watching her great grandson mourn the loss of his wife and oldest child, while cradling his five year old foster daughter Caitlynn. Caitlynn would be the sixth generation to possess the sword and from the moment Chris saw the young girl, she knew Will's prediction was right. Caitlynn would one day be one of them.

Chris was getting ready to leave when the buzz hit. She looked around and as she stood up, two hands covered her eyes. She back kicked the Immortal in the groin and turned in time to see Methos fall to the ground moaning.

"Mike, do not do that to me, you scared me." She said helping him up.

"It's Adam Pierson now. So I hear you took my advice and joined the Watchers. Any luck finding the boy?"

Chris shook her head. "The only luck that I have had is the project I got assigned to."

"Let me guess." Methos said as a smile crossed his face. "You're doing research to locate me by way of you."

"How did you know?"

Methos pulled up the sleeve of his sweater and showed Chris his wrist. "I'm researching me."

Chris smiled for the first time in many years and laughed. "How in the hell did we ever get into this mess?"

"Luck I guess." He said glad to see the return of her smile. He had only seen her a couple of times since Will's death, and he had missed seeing the smile that Will used to say would make a blind man see. "Who is that anyway?" he said as he noticed she kept glancing at the porch.

"That's Kathleen's Great Grandson, and the little one is the sixth generation to possess this." She said as she raised her sword a bit.

Adam looked towards the porch and smiled. "She's beautiful."

"She has Will's eyes." She said sadly. Adam placed a hand on her shoulder.

"Let's get out of her. How about a beer, drinks on me?" Chris nodded. "Let's go." He said as they walked away.

Part 7

<Suspicions Aside...

1995: Arizona

Chris was resting comfortably at her house in Arizona for the first time since she had become a Watcher. The house had been one of the few pieces remaining of Will's, other than her sword, that she couldn't give up. It was late August and it was coming up quickly on the fiftieth anniversary of Will's death.

Every time Chris tried to come home and relax, another Watcher would call her about Jordan being in a possible fight and what did she know of it. Of course she had known about it, she had been there, but she would always answer that Jordan had not been in the area at the time. Finally she resigned as a Field Agent, reporting that Jordan had committed suicide by taking her own head. Now she was back to researching and filling in the gaps in the Jordan Christine Renwyck-Vincente and William Jose Vincente Chronicles. That required little time and gave her much time to relax.

One early morning after the chores around the farm had been taken care of, Chris was doing the Kata which Duncan had taught her long ago. She had just began to feel relaxed and loose when she heard the phone ring.

"Hello?" she said out of breath after she ran to the phone.

"Chris? This is Joe Dawson." Said the voice on the other end of the line.

"Joe, how have you been? I have not heard from you in ages, Still watching MacLeod?"

"Of course. Listen, I wanted to tell you it's a shame about Jordan. Duncan was upset by the news."

"I am sure he was. It must be hard for them to loose a student," She said. She knew Duncan had put on an act for Joe, because Chris had told Amanda to send word to Duncan that she was ok but in hiding,

"Actually, that's why I'm calling. I need you to do me a big favor."

"For you Joe, anything. What can I help you with?"

"It has to do with the legend of Jordan's sword. You know about the sixth generation. Well, this is another legend come true..."

Chris grew silent. Ever since that day when she had seen the little girl, she had thought about her constantly. But now if she had died her first death, she would be fifteen forever. "Is it known yet?"

"It happened about 8 months ago and she needs guidance. Her teachers care for her greatly, but she's become a bit of a handful."

"What can I do?" Chris said as a tear ran down her face. *It is too soon!* she kept saying over and over in her mind.

"How would you like to become her teacher?"

"I am not Immortal Joe. I would not know the first place to begin." It was a lie, and she hated to lie to a good friend. She and Will had taken in many students.

On the other end of the line, Joe grew silent as he sat in his office at the bar. Richie didn't want the responsibility of training someone that was so much like him and Mac wouldn't want to see what Caitlynn had turned into. "Please Chris. We've been friends for a long time, and have I ever asked you to do anything like this for me?"

"But would it not be interfering? I may not be a Field Agent anymore but..."

"She's had a rough life, and you're the only link she has to her family. No one would have to know, you've basically retired anyway."

"All right Joe. I will think about it and book a flight as soon as I can."

"Thanks Chris, this means a lot to me."

"Bye Joe." She said hanging up the phone.

Hundreds of miles away, Joe Dawson sighed. Chris drove his curiosity wild. He had met her at a Watcher's meeting and they became great friends. But there was something about her. She handled a sword better than most Immortals he knew. She had told him it was a hobby that sparked after taking fencing in College and one she enjoyed very much, but it still made him wonder. After all, Adam Pierson who was a Watcher turned out to be the Oldest Living Immortal.


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