Immortal Encounters With The Kurgan

Jan the Man

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1590's-Near the mountains of Niri

The Kurgan knew an Immortal was near, and he had a few guesses of who it could be. He was looking for Connor MacLeod, and so was Kane. No, it wasn't Connor. The Highlander had a very distinct presence.

The Kurgan never feared an enemy, but this Highlander was different. His Quickening was too powerful. The Kurgan had already failed to take it while the boy was new, but now Ramirez had trained him. And if the Kurgan wasn't mistaken, Connor had somehow managed to befriend Nakano, the Sorcerer. That was undoubtedly the reason why Kane was tracking the boy.

The Kurgan hated Kane with a passion. Kane wanted so badly to be the strongest, he even acted like the Kurgan. On several occasions, Kane had told young Immortals that he, in fact, was the Kurgan. If Kane could somehow manage to defeat the Sorcerer Nakano; he might be a force to be reckoned with. But the Kurgan had no intention of letting that happen. He wanted the Highlander's Quickening, he wanted the Sorcerer's Quickening, and he just wanted to kill Kane just for the sport of it.

So here was his chance to complete one of his goals. As he breathed out a frosty breath in the freezing air, he spotted the other Immortal. Hatred began to well up inside him, and he sensed the other Immortal's fear.

"Hello pretty," The Kurgan liked to insult Kane by calling him feminine. Since Kane had that hairstyle, the Kurgan just couldn't help it. "I think you have something to tell me."

Kane drew his Katana. "Really Kane, you don't want to fight me. You know Ramirez almost killed you, and I took his head without so much as a struggle." It wasn't entirely true, but he wanted to make Kane piss his pants.

"What do you want?" Kane asked. The Kurgan could sense the anger coming from Kane, but he also sensed the fear that held him back.

"The Highlander, and Nakano," he replied.

"Well, I'm sorry, but Nakano is mine. And if I see the Highlander, I'll take his head too."

This surprised the Kurgan. Even though Kane idolized him, he wasn't going to back down.

"Now you die," said the Kurgan as he drew his sword.

Their weapons clashed, and the Kurgan could tell from that moment that the battle was his. He decided he'd toy with Kane for awhile. But Kane was so easy, that the Kurgan already had him skewered after about a minute.

"You'll never be ME!" said the Kurgan as he twisted his broadsword inside Kane. Just then he felt another presence. Actually, two presences, and he knew they were Kane's little bitch Mongolian sidekicks. He yanked the sword out of Kane and quickly stabbed both of them and had them "dead" within seconds.

Then, another presence… The Kurgan got excited at the prospect of four Quickenings… Until he saw who it was.

"Methos," he growled. And he was mad. He knew he could kill Methos, but Methos had to be dealt with in a one on one situation. He was even more angry because he knew Methos wouldn't hesitate to take his head while he was received a Quickening from any of the three immortals bleeding in the snow. And Kane was already recovering.

"Another time, Kane," And he laughed as he got on his horse and rode away. Methos got on his horse and began to chase him. But this didn't bother the Kurgan, because as soon as Methos began to catch up, the Kurgan had out his broadsword, and he hacked at the front legs of his pursuer's horse. Methos fell, and the Kurgan rode off.

1625 - Scotland

The Kurgan heard Macleod was back in Scotland, and he was there too. Kane had somehow killed the Sorcerer, but he was nowhere to be found. The Kurgan knew that Kane had somehow been removed from the Game, but he wasn't sure how. He felt a presence, but it was not the Highlander's. And when he saw the Immortal, he did not recognize the man. He had long black hair and a teary face.

"Who are you?" the man screamed.

A brand new Immortal; he didn't know what he was, or the real danger he was in. He was a truly pathetic sight.

"Who are you?" Asked the Kurgan.

"I am Duncan Macleod of the Clan MacLeod. What am I? I can tell by your presence that you are like me…"

The Kurgan laughed as he turned his horse around and began to leave. "Two MacLeods…"

"What? Please tell me the meaning of it all! Who are you?! What are we?!"

The Kurgan just laughed harder as he rode off into the forest.


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