A Comparative Translation of the Highlander the series episode, "The Gathering" in both French and English

Johanne Briere

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Bonjour tout le monde,

I will write down the literal translation of the dialogue in English and then write the French version. So if anyone can read French, please refer to the French sentences as translating is harder than writing English; and you should have realized by now, I already write English funny.
Connor J'etais en train de penser. I was thinking. I've been thinking.
Duncan (sourire) (smiling) (smiling)
Connor Pourquoi tu souris ? Parce que j'etais en train de penser. Why are you smiling ? Because I was thinking ? Why are you smiling? Because I've been thinking?
Duncan ‚ ‚ hum hum uh-huh.
Connor On se connait depuis pas mal de temps et ... We have known each other for a while now and ... Well, anyway, ever since I've known you --
Duncan Oh non - ca y est ! Oh No ! This is it! Oh, not that again.
Connor Excuse-moi ? Excuse-me ? Excuse me?† You don't know what I'm going to say.
Duncan Tu ne vas pas recommencer. You won't start again ?
Connor †Est-ce que je peux terminer ? On se connait depuis pas mal de temps et t'as toujours eu la vie plus facile et les plus jolies femmes. May I finish ? We have known each other for a while now, and you
always have an easy life and the prettiest women.
Well, anyway, ever since I've known you, you've had all of the fun, and most of the good women.
Duncan Et alors ? †So ? Lately.
Connor †Et alors ? So ? Lately?
Duncan †Ou veux-tu en venir ? †Where are you leading? †There was that girl in London. The redhead. Healthy girl.
Connor Tu ne sais plus combattre. You do not know how to fight anymore! That was ... a hundred and thirty years ago!
Duncan T'en fais pas pour moi. Don't worry about me. That's what I said.† Lately.
Connor Tu sais bien que tu n'as pas l'ombre d'une chance avec ce genre de tueur You know very well that you do not have the shadow of a chance with this type of killer.
Duncan †Oh ! Tout a l'heure, tu as recu une correction. J'en ai battu d'autres dans le temps et j'ai un compte a regler. †Oh. A while ago, you have received a correction. I have beaten others in the past and I have an account to settle.
Connor Tu sais c'est quoi ton probleme, c'est que tu vis dans le passe. Do you know what is your problem ? You live in the past ! You know what your problem is?† You live in the past!
Duncan Non je n'ai pas de probleme. No, I have no problem. †I don't have a problem.
Connor J'te dis qu'si! I say that you do. Yes, you do.
Duncan Non aucun. No none No, I don't.†
Connor J'te dis qu'si! I say that you do. Yes, you do!
Duncan †Non et arrete de m'agresser s'il te plait. No and stop attacking me please. No, I don't. Stop arguing.
Connor Mais j't'ai pas aggresse. But I have no attack you. I'm not arguing.
Duncan Si - juste a l'instant. Yes - just now. Yes, you are.
Connor Ceci est une discussion. This is a discussion. It's a discussion.
Duncan Une discussion ? A discussion ? A discussion?
Connor Oui ! Yes ! Yeah.
Duncan Et ben fin d'la discussion ! Then okay end of discussion. Ok.† So, end of discussion. (charming smile)


(Jo Addendum - the fighting abilities of Duncan were referred to in the sparring scene
they shared; when Connor tells Duncan about being rusty, out of
practice and Duncan tells him he has just turned Connor into a pin
cushion; also Slan Quince told Duncan he killed Little Deer when he
was holding his sword to Tessa's neck; and my own personal RFW
favourite - when Connor tell Duncan to help the kid. Sigh. To me
there has always been a lot of common ground between Richie and
Connor. Granted like Gavin said, the series was more terre a terre than
the movie (more grounded into real realm of life if that is possible
for a series about people that are Immortals) but I saw lots of analogy
to the youth and passion and flare of Richie and the passion and youth
and flare of Connor. Maybe one day I'll write about this here.)

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