Archivist's Notes
All images used here are from my own gallery of Connor pictures. If you want to use any of the images on your page(s), please contact me and ask. Thanks!

Welcome to this archive I've set up that features Connor MacLeod as either a Leading Character or has him in a Supporting Role within the stories. I hope you enjoy your stay and I hope you'll like the stories here.

This site is currently under construction; if you click on a link on the author's pages and nothing happens, then more likely than not it's something that I am adding very soon or am in the midst of adding the story to the archive.

Please be patient with me, I'm working very hard at bringing you as much Connor as possible as I find it and can put it up. Currently, I am way behind myself on getting the stories up as I have so many more to do but I will get caught up sometime in the near future. (I hope!)

A Note About The Stories Which Are In A Series

The stories you find here that are a part of a series contain Connor in one form or another. However, not all of the stories in the series will have him in it so you have to decide what you want to read. Many of the stories build upon the next one; it's better to read the stories in sequence so you have an idea as to what happened before as you are reading what is happening now. His character eventually will appear I can promise you!

A Note About Ratings

I currently don't allow any graphic slash on this site. However gentle, implied slash is fine. Eventually though, I may add an erotica section if I find a demand for such a thing. If you are interested in such an area, please email me! I'll see what I can do.

The stories here are of all ratings from the PG(general) variety to the X (adult) rated. I don't require the authors to rate their stories but I do check them out ahead of time.

I also am not responsible for any content within the stories; if you find things that are objectionable e-mail the author and give them the feedback as to why you are writing them. Of course, please e-mail them also if you like their stories too! Feedback is manna to the soul for an author--they thrive on it! And, don't forget to visit the author's home page!


If you have any stories you would like to submit, please feel free to e-mail me them, explain what your rating on the story is, who's in it, and a brief synopsis of the plot. I do accept works in progress type stories too.

My e-mail address is here.

That's it for now, hope you all enjoy your stay here!

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